Thursday, April 26, 2018

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BusinessGenetics is revolutionizing the way business leaders understand, document, manage, measure, analyze and improve their business processes. Founded in 2000 by business and information technology executives with over 30 years of experience, BusinessGenetics developed a unique method to address the greatest challenges that organizations face in the 21st century:
  • Constant innovation
  • Significant business improvement
  • Model critical & complex  business information
  • Organizational renewal
  • Increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Agility to quickly adapt to an ever changing environment

BusinessGenetics has a solution that has been proven with over 500 projects and leading Federal organizations.

Improving business competitiveness, innovation and other key performance metrics requires that management has a comprehensive understanding of how the business is operating, both in its current state and how it needs to operate. The challenge is that the complexity and distributed nature of most businesses makes this a difficult task.

The comprehensive solution developed by BusinessGenetics allows organizations to model critical, complex and distributed information. We provide our clients with a systematic approach and a set of tools that helps them clearly understand and analyze their business.

Our products and solutions quickly capture pertinent business facts and relationships and present them within a model that allows business leaders to fully view, understand, manage, measure, and improve their business processes.

Using a method and system of diagrams based on an intuitive framework of Five W's (who does what, with which information, where and when), we give our clients a comprehensive view of their enterprise - one that clarifies the complex relationships between information, people, resources and technology.

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