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Understanding 21st Century Corporations Using BML Authors: Cedric Tyler & Stephen Baker

This book challenges and confronts mainstream thinking and theories, and introduces a revolutionary approach to the way in which we describe, plan and improve business.

Tyler and Baker explore the issues inherent in existing tools and techniques, why they have yielded minimal results, and why business modeling is a science, not an art. The authors then go on to explain a unique approach to business modeling, BML –Business Modeling Language, which is the world’s first and only scientific method for describing business.

BML uncovers the very DNA of business, and is a practical approach to solving some of the most complex business problems. Proven in over 500 business modeling projects within Fortune 500 businesses and the Federal Government, BML enables companies to gain an exact, comprehensive view of their business – one that depicts the precise, complex relationship between information, resources, and technology within a multi-dimensional business model.


The BML approach has been applied across many industries and for a multitude of initiatives ranging from business improvement, business requirements for IT, Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory compliance, to outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions. Over 1,500 professionals have been trained to use this approach and it has become the gold standard for describing business within many organizations. BML has resulted in significant, client-identified savings – over $2 billion in total.

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