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BusinessGenetics Management Team

Cedric Tyler, Founder & CEO

Cedric is a leading global expert in the Business Process and Analysis field. He has been recognized by International Analyst groups (Gartner, Forester, etc.), Academic institutions, the US Federal Government and has been instrumental in supporting the evolution and development of the BPM/BA Industry worldwide.

He is the principle author of the best-selling “Business Genetics: Understanding 21st Century Commerce (Wiley)”, which is now in its second print and has been translated into Hindi and Mandarin.

Cedric also sits on numerous International industry related boards and bodies and has performed assessment for Fortune 500 companies globally on the deployment of BPM/Business Analysis and Business Requirement technologies and solutions. He has worked with leading corporations and government bodies such as Microsoft®, Warner brothers®, Qwest Communications, Standard Bank of South Africa, AMP, Entergy, USDA, NIS, FDA, US Navy, etc.

He has advised some of the world’s leading corporation and many US Federal Government Agencies on the applicability and deployment of BPA (Business Process Analysis) methods, Business process methodologies and Business Requirements. He has been called to provide testimony to the US Congress on two occasions and was instrumental in showing legislators the impact of legislation on business.

Cedric has developed cutting edge methods and technologies that have been described as “breakthrough”, “may transform the market” and “next generation” by clients, analysts and academics.

Cedric is responsible for BusinessGenetics operations in North America, Africa and Australia. He has also assisted National Government with a Business Analysis job creation programme. To date, over 500 formerly disadvantaged, unemployed and degreed learners have graduated from his Programme with a 93% employment rate.

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Jemima Ashton-Allen, COO

Jemima Ashton-Allen became an entrepreneur at an early age, having founded an independent management consultancy in 1998.

Through this venture she provided expertise to the financial services sector; ICT companies; retailers; the call centre environment; telecommunication providers, the pharmaceutical arena and the motor industry internationally.

She also started a specialist training venture, which created bespoke learning interventions for various blue chips and the youth market, including coaching and mentoring, at an executive level, to well-respected managers and leaders.

Jemima joined Cedric Tyler, and Business Genetics, in 2012 as an independent consultant. She has, subsequently, assumed the role of COO.

She believes that Business Genetics has the ability to offer tremendous value to any potential customer, regardless of the particular pain-point or challenge, and constantly works with management to seek creative and effective solutions for partner organisations.

In general, the team prides itself in constantly looking for ways to innovate in its areas of expertise, and beyond.

Additionally, she is passionate about the development of future-thinking business improvement professionals, and continues to enjoy designing and delivering training on the company’s behalf.

From time to time, Jemima consults about secured and un-secured lending on the African continent to the international analyst community.

To ensure that she continually ‘pays it forward’, she mentors youngsters at university level, or in their first jobs, in her personal time.

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