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Our Methodology and Approach

Our Methodology

We analyze the core functions and purposes of a business/organization and generate a new, simple and intuitive foundational business definition. We can understand how a business operates by simply breaking the business up into five simple dimensions, all of which are performed to accomplish a specific business purpose:

  • 1) What work is performed? (Activities)
  • 2) Where do we do work? ( Localities)
  • 3) Who does work? (Responsibilities)
  • 4) When is work done? (Timing)
  • 5) Which information is needed to do work? (Information)
All these dimensions are being performed to accomplish a pre-defined and agreed business purpose (Why)?

To answer each of the questions we have created a unique set of rules and techniques. The result of applying these will be the represented visually in five business dimensions that can be very easily understood.

Our clients do some amazing things once their business can be defined and depicted in five dimensions. For example: really understand what’s going on, fix broken business processes, automate them, root out unproductive business practices and leverage these new business representations across the entire enterprise, for a multitude of uses.

Our Approach

We understand  that every customer is different and our approach can be customized to suit your needs. Our professional service offerings revolves around three main areas:



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