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Practitioner Packages & Pricing



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BML W5 - Business Process Modeler - FREE Trial 



BML W5 - Business Process Modeler - BRONZE Edition 



BML W5 - Business Process Modeler - Silver Edition 



BML W5 - Business Process Modeler - GOLD Edition 


Business Process Modeler Software (BML W5)

For 30 Days Monthly Lease
Monthly Lease
Monthly Lease

Usage Levels

For personal use & Evaluation For small business and departmental processes

Up to 200 Business Activities
Up to 1000 Total Business Objects

For business functional areas

Up to 500 Business Activities
Up to 2500 Total Business Objects

For large-scale processes

Unlimited Business Activities
Unlimited Business Objects


None Basic Reports*
Basic Reports*
+ Analytical Matrix

Basic Reports*
+ Analytical Matrix

Technical Software Support

- Via email Via email Via email & Phone

BML W5 - Business Process Modeler - Enterprise Edition Enterprise Editions are also available - Call for Pricing.


* Basic Reports = Dimension Dictionary, Dimensional Relationship List, Profile Filter Report, Object Notes Report

** Bundled mentoring hours must be used in the first 60 days. Additional mentoring is available at a rate of $150/ per hour or a package of 5 hours for $625

*** Also available as a perpetual license paid up-front instead of monthly. Call for pricing.


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