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BML for SAP and other software integrations

BusinessGenetics® for SAP & Others

Product Code: BML SAP® Solution Suite

With most application software projects, the root cause of implementation challenges lies in two areas. The first of these is classic: Poor business requirements that have been identified as the top reason for software project failure. The second reason is more specifically allied to COTS software. It lies in the hidden or unidentified costs not anticipate in the implementation. Many of these unidentified costs are mitigated by using the predetermined implementation plan from the software vendor; however, unanticipated costs are due to failure to understand the business impact prior to implementation.

It is recommended that the business domains are mapped out and understood as the first logical step to COTS deployment. Thereafter, the very same models can be used for the generation of business requirements.


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Project Management

Enterprise Architecture

Development Tools

Our methodology can be used to:
  • Model the implemented project
  • Model the business area
  • Improve the business area
  • Generate requirements
  • Generate the test scripts for user acceptance testing
  • Seamless alignment across requirements definition, blue printing, implementation and testing
  • Customized Process-driven configuration and on-going support
  • Reusable process libraries for additional business improvement projects
  • Strong analysis and reporting capabilities
  • Requirements reporting for user training, testing and rollout
  • Reduced project time and cost by aligning the business with IT and SAP®

BusinessGenetics for SAP®…The Differentiator for Project Success 

  • Align Business Processes – Start with pre-defined models that comprehend SAP process, workflow and business rules that expose gaps early in the process.
  • Clarify Organizations and Roles – Clearly define roles to consolidate job positions and streamline processes. Define roles that align to SAP’s role structure and security requirements.
  • Create Better Business Requirements - Ensure precise and comprehensive business requirements for IT, securing technology deployment success by leveraging the multi-purpose process model database.
  • Use the requirements for configuration and SAP development as well as to upgrade any non-SAP systems.
  • Maintain Testing and Training Requirements Throughout - The model database will generate supporting requirements to provide requirements traceability for testing and training.
  • Re-Use The Models - Leverage your investment by publishing reusable process libraries for additional business improvement projects, system enhancements and compliance management.

The Solution Suite 

BusinessGenetics for SAP® Blueprint: 
BusinessGenetics for SAP® Blueprint addresses the Blueprint Phase of SAP® installations, upgrades or  maintenance projects.  BusinessGenetics downloads SAP® Solution Manager Scenarios, Processes and Process Steps or SAP® Business Process Repository templates then works with your team to update them for your business processes. The result, an SAP® Solution Manager with a robust set of business processes that drive solid process-driven configuration. 

BusinessGenetics for SAP® Profiling: BusinessGenetics for SAP® Profiling provides up-to-date, automatically generated information to support System Standardization Analysis, Compliance/Governance - Risk Analysis, Process Optimization, Upgrade Analysis and Implementation Support. 

Solution Management: An SAP® Solution once installed must be monitored to ensure effective and efficient operations and to guarantee that transactions are being used in line with compliance regulations.  BusinessGenetics’ monitoring software produces reports from both SAP® Solution Manager and/or the Solution itself showing transaction usage by type, volume, SAP® module and authorizations.

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