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BML Viewer

BusinessGenetics® Business Model Viewer

Product Code: BML Viewer

The Business Model Viewer is designed to be a cost-effective solution for delivering an interactive ability to read Business Modeling Language (BML) solutions, without the ability to modify the contents. The Viewer can move, arrange, and show/hide, giving the solution author the ability to depict information in an intended, digestible format.

One can view multi-dimensional models interactively. It also offers multiple displays (layout) of objects within business models, including Hierarchical – typically used for WHAT and WHERE models; Waterfall – typically used for WHO models; and Network – typically used for WHICH models. An auto-layout feature is available which automatically formats the display based on the desired format.

View & Share BML Business Models in Read Only View
  Layout BML Business Models to get the view you want without compromising the integrity of the data.
Arrange & Re-Arrange business objects to view the data the way you want it.
Hide selected objects or specific object types to get right to the information you need.
Show hidden objects or specific object types to get a complete picture of the business model.
Zoom In & Zoom Out to focus on the information you need.

Key Features: Simple, intuitive interface designed and optimized for the business user:

  • Tabular interface
  • Split - screen viewing
  • Auto - layout
  • Single click commands

Familiar Windows Features-

  • Zoom In, Zoom Out, Zoom to rectangle
  • Arrangement- bring forward ,front, send backward and back
  • Alignment- left, top, right, bottom
  • Hide Un-Hide objects, sub-models

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