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BML Business Process Modeler

BusinessGenetics® Business Process Modeler:

Product Code:  BML W5

BusinessGenetics W5 Modeler is a business process modeling tool that leverages the business modeling language (BML) to discover, model & extract the most comprehensive 5 dimensional view of your business- one that precisely depicts the complexity & intricate choreography of your business operations.Based on 5 simple questions (who does what, with which information, where and when) our business friendly methodology provides our clients with a set of tools and systematic approach that helps one clearly understand and analyze their business.


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Learn more about BusinessGenetics® Business Process Modeler:

BusinessGenetics offers a Business Modeling methodology that users can readily grasp and become excited about. The model answers five questions within a framework of rules that produce a clear, concise and consistent representation of every business activity or process. Once captured, this model can be used directly prior to application development and to feed other modeling representation for simulation. 


The five questions that help us understand how a business operates are:

BML WHAT model Business Activities WHAT activities must business perform to achieve its purpose?
BML WHO model Business Roles WHO performs the activity? 
BML WHICH model Business Information WHICH information is used to perform each activity?
BML WHERE model Business Locations WHERE are the activities performed?
BML WHEN model Business Time Frames WHEN are the activities performed?

One MUST know the answer to these 5 questions to successfully operate any business. Unfortunately, most don’t. And they are paying the price for it.

Our Business Process Modeling solution is:

  • Mathematically validated 
  • Can help you Identify  Gaps & Unknowns
  • Reusable & Repeatable
  • Complete & Consistent
  • Intuitive, Simple & Standardized
  • Flexible, Objective & Discrete


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