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BusinessGenetics® Business Requirements Auto-Generator

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Business requirements are often disconnected word documents, excel spreadsheets and access databases; no one can actually visualize what the current state of the business is, let alone plan for the future. 
BusinessGenetics Business Requirements Auto- Generator uses business modeling language, to gather accurate and actionable business requirements. This new approach represents a significant evolution in being able to bridge the gap between the business and IT by automatically generating business requirements.
 Research shows 75% of IT projects fail to deliver results on time and on budget. Whether actively running the project or participating on the project team, seeing the 'wheels come off' a project is not easy. Business leaders know they need a better approach, and so.... Every year millions of dollars are spent to develop and implement IT applications and solutions. Unfortunately, most address the wrong problem. 

The top two factors contributing to challenged and impaired projects are “ lack of user involvement” & “ incomplete requirements & specifications”.

We have developed a solution that has been proven with over 500 organizations, giving organizations the ability to constantly monitor the effectiveness of their organizations. The approach also significantly reduces ‘face time’ with the business and early adopters are seeing very positive results. This breakthrough technology Auto-generates Business Requirements directly from Business (Process) Models and ensures highly consistent, detailed, complete and standardized Business Requirements - every time. 


What Business Requirements Document contains:

  • Business requirement document title and reference information
  • Activities to be automated and by whom
  • Detailed list of entities and associated attributes
  • Data requirements
  • Use cases
  • Workflows and decision logic
  • Security and access requirements
  • Maintenance routines and APIs
  • Reporting requirements
  • Temporal trigger requirements
  • Network topography requirements
  • Business terms glossary

Features Overview:

  • Automatic generation of Business Requirements
  • Robust, repeatable, methodical approach for gathering requirements
  • Business is able to communicate clearly what they require
  • Create complete, concise, consistent, and traceable requirements
  • Higher Quality Deliverables
  • Better Business Understanding
  • Readily Adopted by Business
  • Re-Use / Multi-Use
  • Alignment with IT
  • Consistency in Results, saves time and cost
  • Reduced Risk – Accurate, Verifiable Output 

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