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BusinessGenetics®  Knowledge Manager

Product Code: BML M2

Enterprise repository to store and manage business models. Scalable way of sharing and editing solutions in a multi-user environment, by providing enterprise-wide access, simultaneous editing, and sharing.
BML M2 enables collaboration and unprecedented re-use of business models to support any corporate initiative. 

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Knowledge management is essentially about getting the right knowledge to the right person at the right time. It is critical to the success of an organization to be able to understand and communicate where and in what forms knowledge exists, create processes that span organizational functions, and ensure that initiatives are accepted and supported by organizational members.

By providing a centralized repository for all corporate business models, Knowledge Manager delivers enterprise-wide access, and secure distributed management, editing and sharing of business models that have been developed in BML and deployed in multi-user environments. With version control capability at the object level, BML M2 enables multiple users to simultaneously access, edit and reuse common business models to support any corporate initiative, while ensuring data accuracy and integrity. 
It has been successfully deployed at several Fortune 100 companies and one of our clients is currently utilizing BML M2 in over 60 worldwide locations to produce detailed business models of its global operations that can then be leveraged to drive a multitude of corporate initiatives. 

Features Overview:

  • Enterprise access and sharing
  • A central model repository
  • Scalable way of sharing and editing BML business models
  • Multiple users working in the same model at the same time
  • Synchronization, enabling users to ‘disconnect’, keep working, and synchronize changes later on
  • Seamless Client Integration
  • Central model repository for communicating more effectively
  • Better content management
  • Reuse, reuse, reuse
  • Enables remote and global access

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