Thursday, April 26, 2018

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Recent Product Enhancements

  • A significant reduction in the number of mouse-clicks required during modeling.   For example the RACI profile is automatically added to a WHAT x WHO dimensional relationship at the moment it is created.  Also existing dimensional relationships are included when an object is copied and pasted into a different model.
  • The HOW model generator has been extended to generate the new Atomic notation (standardized group boxes and flow line conventions) and has new options such as the selection of which dimensions to include.   Also you can generate lower level HOW models directly from an Activity shortcut in an existing HOW model and W5 will insert a process connector to allow simple two-click drill-through to the lower level model.
  • Additional import and export formats are supported including BPMN 2.0 and XMI 2.4.1.
  • A “Show Differences” report has been created to display additions, deletions, and edits between two BML files

  • When using the Reader version, the ‘File-->Save As Image’ option has been enabled.
  • Dimension Relationships are included in copy/paste functions.
  • All dependent items that are checked out in a local working file are subsequently checked in when performing a check in operation.
  • Dimension Relationships are fully expanded by default.
  • RACI profile, if present, is automatically added to dimension relationship with a default value of ‘Consulted’, when creating a WHAT vs. WHO dimension relationship. HOW Models created from Leg / Level have options to include or exclude dimensions. For example, you can create a HOW of activities only or a HOW of activities with WHO objects only.
  • Spell check includes valid values for attributes.
  • Timestamp has been added to all objects upon save.
  •  Performance has been improved during the load and save of a file.
  • The ‘Hyperlink’ property field includes a file browse button (…) making it easier to add files to hyperlink.
  • The Reports-->Requirements window can now be re-sized.
  • Business Requirements / Procedure documents include header, footer, images, page numbers, and table of contents.
  • Relative links are created for the Business Requirements Document.
  • Configuration files and settings that require write access are now stored in the Application Data folder for the specific user.
  • How Model - Create HOW Model from Leg / Level’ now includes Group Objects and links. Create HOW Model from Leg’ is enabled for activities in HOW models. A Process Connector indicator will be added to the HOW model object after the HOW model has been created allow users to navigate between HOW models. Group by Leg’ has been added as an option on the right-click ‘Group By’. Requirement Atom added as a default object to the HOW model.Create HOW from Leg/Level updated to include HOW model atoms.


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