Thursday, April 26, 2018

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BML Team5 Business Analysis Server


BML Team5:

Product Code:  Team5

The BML Team is a cloud based offering that extends your existing BML business models by providing a rich viewing and annotating experience for existing BML business models. Using the simple and intuitive web-based user interface, models can be viewed across the organization with anyone at any time with no major investment or additional software to install. Multi-device support even allows you to securely view your models and data from your phone, tablet or laptop as long as you have internet access.

We are currently looking for BETA Testers of the BML Team5 If you are interested in being a BETA Tester or Would like to see a product Demo please click the link below.

Request Beta Access or Team5 Product Demo >>


Access Models from Anywhere at Anytime

Upload any existing .xbml or .cxbml models created in the BML W5 Business Modeler and view them safely and securely online even from your mobile devices such as your smart phone or tablet even if you do not have the BML W5 installed.

Simple and Intuitive Interface

The Business Analysis Server is designed from the ground up to be simple, intuitive and extremely powerful. Instantly view your data the way you want to view it without entering complex report variables, SQL query strings or waiting for the report to generate. With just a few clicks you can instantly generate very complex views into your BML Models.

Share your BML Models and Reports

Share as little or as much data you want with whoever you want without any additional software to purchase or install. You can even allow users to add annotations or to perform basic editing of your models which you can re-download to the BML W5 for further editing.

Highest Security Standards

The Business Analysis Server uses advanced encryption and security technology to ensure your business models and data are protected and that any activities by authorized users in the cloud based workspace remain confidential.


Get the most from your existing BML Models

  • Upload any existing .xbml or .cxbml business model to a secure online location and instantly start viewing and manipulating the data.
  • Quickly and easily share your models to a larger audience allowing better communication and adoption of the BML Models across the organization.

Powerful Search Capabilities

  • Full-text search capabilities allows users to search a single model or across multiple models.
  • Additional search options provide users the ability to refine their search, extending the ability to easily find items within models.

Easy Annotation Capabilities

  • Easily add comments to items in a model that others can review.
  • Annotations can be re-downloaded back into the BML W5 for further editing by the model owner.

Cost Effective Deployment

  • Since there is no desktop client or software to install and maintain your company can save on IT costs associated with maintaining client side software.
  • Monthly subscription plans are also available which allow you to easily manage your plan online and can add additional users quickly and easily.

File Versioning

  • Upload and save multiple versions of the same project online.

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