Thursday, April 26, 2018

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Business Process Analysis & Improvement

Most companies work to achieve excellence through a mix of strategies: Continuous Process Improvement approaches such as Lean Six Sigma, process documentation, software development lifecycles that are increasingly agile, and team training.

Yet less than 20 percent of process improvement efforts and even fewer software development efforts are deemed successful. Why the failure? What can be done to improve your success rate and gain the improvements you seek?

There are many critical success factors, of course; but the most significant is a failure in ‘clearly understanding and articulating the business need’. Subject matter experts (SMEs) are frequently shown depictions that are difficult to understand; and the lack of consistency from one practitioner to the next slows progress and frustrates the business people who resent the time taken from their work.

BusinessGenetics method is tailored to the needs of business users and IT . Our innovative solution is in use by some of the largest private and public sector organizations in the world. The result goes beyond process modeling or requirements gathering and results in business architecture for an organization. It quickly and efficiently aligns IT systems to business goals to deliver successful business improvement.

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Author: Sharon Jones

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