Thursday, April 26, 2018

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Comercial off-the Shelf (COTS) Evaluation and Implementation

BusinessGenetics has helped clients save millions of dollars and years of frustration implementing COTS system that was not even going to meet their needs. 

We recommend that the business domains are mapped out and understood as the first logical step to any COTS deployment. A detailed analysis should be conducted to scientifically compare COTS solution to the business need and understand its business impact and changes. Thereafter the very same business models should be used for improvement of the business and generating business requirements.  In any COTS selection our methodology can be used to:
  • Model the implementation project
  • Model the business area
  • Improve the business area
  • Generate requirements
  • Generate the test scripts for user acceptance testing
This approach mitigates the inherent risks typically found in COTS selection projects and aligns business transformation with the technological capabilities of the COTS software. Being able to utilize a single model for both business improvement as well as business requirements (together with its ability to model projects), makes it a unique and efficient approach to COTS selection projects.

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