Thursday, April 26, 2018

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Six Sigma & Lean Revitalization

If you currently have a lean or Six Sigma initiative in place in your organization, we can assist you in providing modeling capabilities that will enhance your initiative and promote your progress throughout.

Partnered together, Business Process Modeling and Lean Six Sigma together are a powerful strategic advantage for your organization. We can provide a much needed revitalization to your Six Sigma program. Modeling allows you to see how improved processes fit in with the rest of the organization. We reduced the time of our clients Kaizen effort by 70 percent, because this framework helped them assign teams to specific processes.

The box below illustrates how our methodology has been used by Six Sigma practitioners to directly support and supplement the DMAIC framework.Our methodology support for Six Sigma (DMAIC) Framework:







Identify process symptoms and validate with customers

Define metrics for specific process areas

Evaluate and reduce variables

Define possible solutions with corresponding operating tolerances

Determine ability to control

Map processes

Collect data for metrics

Graphical analysis and hypothesis testing

Validate measurements for ongoing process monitoring

Implement process control systems

Identify process problems: causes, symptoms, outputs, non-value added work, non-standard work

Estimate process baseline capability

Identify root causes for process improvement

Plan process change and then implement these changes


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