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Northeast Pennsylvania Utility

Improved the cycle time of nuclear fueling outage, a complex and costly choreography. 
  • Net result was a reduction in outage cycle time from 45 days to 25 days.
  • Approximately $1 Million per day can be realized for each day’s reduction in the outage cycle.
  • Total Savings Identified were 25 Days x $1 Million/day = $25 Million.

Read Case Study in detail: North East Utility Case Study – Nuclear Plant Improvement


While modeling their Budgeting System to capture process, they “reused” the same model to test alignment against a proposed SAP implementation mandate. When they looked; they found there wasn’t any alignment.
  • The SSP CIO credits BusinessGenetics with saving millions of dollars and years of frustration trying to implement software that was never going to work.
Read Case Study in detail: US Navy Strategic Systems Program.

Multinational Software Company

Streamlined employee on-boarding process.
  • It took on-boarding employees up to 3 weeks to receive network access information and email. Employee remained unproductive for several days.
  • Successfully ensured 98% of employees were on boarded correctly on ‘Day 1’, saving them millions of dollars.
  • Employee’s first impression went up when they discovered the company had prepared for their arrival.
Read Case Study: Streamlining Employee On-boarding Process for a Software Company

Pitney Bowes

Generated business requirements for their entire sales, marketing and credit management processes.
  • Auto-generated Business requirement document 80% faster than before.
  • Their offshore partner, WIPRO, remarked, “These are the most complete requirements we have ever seen.”     
  • Initial models were almost 85% correct, based on the review and evaluation with the business/sales staff.

User-Friendly Business Process Modeling: A Case Study at Pitney Bowes (Gartner ID: G00137140)

Read Case Study in detail: Pitney Bowes Business Improvement & Technology Enablement

Nations Top Brewing Company

Identified business requirements to enhance the functionality of existing SAP implementation.
  • Identified $1,500,000 potential savings.
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) identified 132 business requirements tied directly to potential SAP enhancement opportunities.
Read Case Study in detail: Nations Top Brewing Company on Business Enhancement & SAP

Fourth-Largest Financial Company in US

Improved IT performance by applying capability modeling.
  • Est. savings amounted to $24 Million each year, along with further cost avoidance of another $20 Million.
  • IT expenses as a share of enterprise revenue went down from 13% spent in 2000 to 6.9% in 2006.
  • Output of the methodology used by IT was extremely easy for business people to comprehend.
  • Awakened & empowered individuals to take action, prioritize activities and optimally allocate resources.
Wachovia Drives Creative Improvements via Process Visualization (Gartner ID: G00149119)

USDA Forest Service

Translated government regulation into comprehensible, executable business requirements.
  • Identified over $300 Million in savings over 10 year period.
  • Models brought consistency of interpretation & implementation of the Planning Rule across approximately 120 decentralized organizations.
Read Case Study in detail: How USDA Forest Service extracted & understood requirements

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